Dance & The Grand Procession

Sunday in Old Leigh High Street is where all elements of the Folk Festival come together in a glorious celebration of all things folkie and the colourful dance sides and groups are an integral part of that. Morris dancers from far and wide join belly, Irish, Indian, Egyptian and Salsa dancers to perform their own unique style of dance across three dance sites during the day.


At 1pm the dancers come into their own as the sound stages become silent as the sides and groups line up at Belton Bridge to begin one of the most traditional aspects of the festival.


Once assembled the dancers, led by Leigh’s very own morris dancing side, Cockleshell Clog slowly begin to process along the High Street dancing as they go, making their way to Victoria car park.


As they reach their destination the Folk Festival’s Keith Baxter is there to call each side into the car park. As the dancers arrive they join hands to form an arch through which each successive group dances through, the archway growing until all sides and groups are assembled.


Musicians from the morris sides then join together to play and all assembled dancers come together to dance the Dorset Four Hand Reel.


Something really not to be missed!

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