Ex Easter Island Head
Diamond Family Archive


Saturday 29 June 2019
St Clements Church


Doors: 6:15pm
Starts: 6:30pm
Advance tickets: £8.00
On the door: £10.00



As our main Saturday evening event, we’re is delighted to be staging a unique double-header concert, featuring performances from two rather different but sympathetic groups of musicians. This will take place in the historic surroundings of St Clement’s Church in Leigh on Saturday June 29, starting at 6.30pm. 


Ex Easter Island Head is a quartet hailing from Merseyside, which has long been home to a flourishing experimental music scene. This unique music collective performs works that explore group interplay, repetition and melodic invention to mesmerising effect.


Ex-Easter Island Head composes and performs music for solid-body electric guitar, percussion and other instruments, and have performed their original compositions solo, as a duo, trio, quartet and as a large ensemble across a wide variety of events from site-specific installation works to live film scores. Earlier this year they had the honour of appearing with the legendary veteran minimalist composer Terry Riley.


Drawing comparisons to Steve Reich, Glenn Branca and Claude Debussy, the collective has released four albums to significant critical acclaim. Their most recent, Twenty-Two Strings, incorporated multiple electric guitars augmented through mechanical preparations. The contents are skilfully balanced between methodical precision and emotional resonance, their warmth coming from the use of mallets on the bodies and strings of horizontally-laid guitars. These primary percussive hits provide drive to their work, while the natural echoes that they produce create secondary layers that wrap themselves around that rhythmic core. The result is a listen that’s dynamic, rich and fluid despite the modesty of its parts.


The group’s live performances have been praised for their hypnotic energy, compositional flair and unique spectacle, which should be brought out to the full in the atmospheric surroundings of St Clement’s. As someone recently quipped ‘Four guys with guitars from Liverpool….it’ll never work’!


Despite being based in distant Devon, Diamond Family Archive have been mainstays of the Leigh Folk Festival over a great number of years, and have gained an ardent and dedicated local following.  A main feature concert performance was felt to be long overdue, and this year’s performance in St Clement’s Church is a delicious and exciting prospect and an ideal occasion for the band to celebrate and showcase the release of their new album.  


The Diamond Family Archive craft a mesmeric live-show from drums and acoustic guitars, lots of FX pedals, keyboards set to drone, tape delay, loops and bellows, bows, toys and broken cymbals. All coming together to create music which holds echoes of post-rock, traditional folk, spiritual soul music, psychedelic rock and lo-fi. 


…haunting, fragile, sublime lo-fi melancholia, atmospheric, lazy grace…some of the words used to describe The Diamond Family Archive. Strange and tender songs; personal and pastoral themes; mixed with sleepy-eyed awe creating intense, spectral folk with a distinctly British sound.   



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