Wednesday’s Child


Wednesday’s Child is the alias of Essex based singer-songwriter Debbie Taylor. A culmination of songs written deep into the night, spinning threads of longing, admiration, despair and redemption into webs of soulful, dark blues. Wednesday’s Child’s driving force is Debbie’s unique voice – grainy, weary, yearning, but still taking flight despite the weight of the pain it carries. It tugs at you, drawing you into the most hidden, raw and melancholic corners of the human mind. While Debbie lays the foundations of her songs on finger-picked acoustic guitar, Anthony Briggs is the architect of spellbinding, searching and eerie soundscapes on lap steel and electric guitars. Drawn together, Wednesday’s Child’s sound emerges both bleak and triumphant.

Where to find them

Buskers’ Square, The Broadway: Sat 29, Start: 13.30 – Finish: 14.00

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