Laura Cannell & Andre Bosman


Laura studied at the London College of Music graduating with 1st class honours (Performance) and for her Masters at the University of East Anglia. She has appeared live in concert on BBC Radio 3 including performances on Late Junction, The Early Music Show and In Tune. Playing fiddle, overbowed fiddle, double recorders, sometimes percussion and other rarefied wind instruments, her music draws on ancient transcendental and earthly musics, with a super-sensitive sense of space, dynamics and acoustics. She explores the spaces between ancient, traditional and improvised music, often utilising a fragment from a medieval theme to her own end in a manner that embraces the apparitional, historical or the otherworldly. Taking a side step to delve into completely improvised music, Laura is currently working with long term collaborator André Bosman as an experimental violin duo. Their working method includes spontaneous composition and excursions to seldom visited rural buildings to capture their playing with no planning or shaping of the music beforehand, keeping the music vital and capturing the moment to give listeners the same experience in listening back as the performers. Distortion grows from oscillating drones as strings are drawn and stretched, while the wind clatters and thuds on the ancient oak doors, trying to be part of the sound coming from within. Cannell plays acoustic violin with occasional overbow and Bosman plays violin with a rebec bow and battery powered amplifier. Playing with extended techniques, distortion, feedback and space, they create a unified and untamed music of emotive otherness.

Where to find them

Fishermen’s Chapel: Sun 30, Start: 15.20 – Finish: 16.00

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