Jason Steel


Jason Steel is a singer & picker of stringed instruments. Originally from Yorkshire, he currently rests his head in North London. A Leigh Folk Festival perennial, he weaves the sounds of Appalachian and ragtime picking, the strange, old worlds of traditional folk and the ghosts of 1920’s Tin Pan Alley. ‘Produces a timeless atmosphere that remains free from pastiche or reproduction. He date-mixes traditional themes, the 1920s and right now in a most disconcerting way’ fRoots ‘With the cautious, unhurried pace of a Fahey disciple, on a brace of rags his picking trickles easily like an Appalachian mountain stream. Meanwhile, across an array of original songs, his soft voice lulls seductively’. R2 Magazine

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Fishermen’s Chapel: Sat 29, Start: 21.30 – Finish: 21.55

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