Main Concerts Announced & On Sale

We are proud to announce two of the festivals pinnacle concerts.
Among this year’s highlights will be a main concert marking the recent release by Topic Records of ‘Voice & Vision’, a double CD celebrating ‘Songs of Resistance, Democracy and Peace’, to be headlined by the legendary Scottish folk singer Dick Gaughan, ably supported by a number of Leigh Folk Festival regulars, including locals M.G. Boulter, Kiti Theobald and Jack Forbes, who also appear on this acclaimed collection.
Dedicated to the memory of Bob Crow and Tony Benn, this collection celebrates the lives of workers and the fight for peace, democracy and social justice.
Voice and Vision offers an alternative cultural view of the world and the greatest popular historian of our songs, Roy Palmer, was on hand to help us explore our culture anew.
The concert will take place in St Clement’s Church on Saturday June 27, and is one of the few ticketed, fundraising events at the festival, with the great majority of performances being free and open to all.
Another highlight from across the weekend will be performances by the veteran guitarist Wizz Jones that will take place on Friday June 26, with more details to follow.

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