Line up announced for this year’s festival

The last weekend in June will once again herald one of the town’s landmark annual events, and one of the jewels in its cultural crown. The Leigh Folk Festival is unchallenged as the UK’s largest free folk gathering, and now takes place across more than 20 indoor and outdoor venues around the town.
Remarkably for an event of its scope and scale, the Leigh Folk Festival is entirely run by unpaid volunteers under the direction of a charitable trust, who work tirelessly through the year to organise the many facets of the weekend. For many years the festival has been supported financially by a number of trades associations and unions, a partnership which has been critical in ensuring this thriving event’s development and survival.
At its best, music has the power to make us all feel part of something bigger than ourselves, while nurturing a true sense of community and pride. The pastoral village fete atmosphere of the Library Gardens and the bustling Old Leigh waterfront are both fundamental to the spirit of the weekend, offering a natural, unpretentious welcome to visitors from all over the world.
With the extraordinary range of performances and activities on offer, there really is something to appeal to everyone. We hope to see you there!

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