Leigh Folk Festival | Sealionwoman
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Sealionwoman is Kitty Whitelaw and Tye McGivern – a musical partnership born from the cacophonous jazz-racket of Kitty and the Drowning Bag, a London-based power-trio featuring John Tillyer on drums. Their first incarnation fell dormant when Kitty ran off to join the circus in Singapore, but Kitty and Tye were reunited for a one-off performance in 2011. Galvanised by the response, they have reformed, relocated and revamped their sound. The duo now coaxes a brooding narcotic fugue from processed contrabass and laptop, mixing amped-up jazz standards with stripped down versions of their early classics.

Where to find them

Fishermen’s Chapel: Downstairs: Sun 25, Start: 16:30 – Finish: 17:00

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