Leigh Folk Festival | PLANTMAN
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Plantman the 2D character is a fictional supervillain from the world of Marvel Comics who, armed with his “vege-ray”, is capable of controlling and animating plant life. Whereas Plantman the 3D entity is a three-piece band from Southend, mainly based around singer, songwriter and guitarist Matt Randall, who has no superpowers but can sing in that blank way that indie boys have since Lou Reed, and can play guitar in that iridescent way that only Vini Reilly of Durutti Column can, suggesting the fretboard has been lit up by ghostly plasma.

‘If the Velvet Underground were from the Home Counties and had never heard of heroin, they might sound something like this’ THE GUARDIAN

Where to find them

Clarendon Scout Hut, Sundown Programme, Sunday June 26th.


Music, Sunday