Leigh Folk Festival | Mary Hampton
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Mary Hampton


Fetching out old songs from the silent archives of the traditional canon, and winching up new songs from her imagination, Mary then sets them both to work alongside each other. In this way, she can play with certain dynamic tensions that are perpetually at work in the world: the past and the present, the natural and the civilized, the extraordinary and the familiar, the symbolic and the real, the pillar and the post etc.
Her style has its roots in mauve, turn-of-the-century European chamber music, with frequent nods to the hairiness of older forms, and ripened under the influence of even more primitive sounds from the real world.
Her recordings include two EPs called ‘Book One’ (2005) and ‘Book Two’ (2007), two LPs called ‘My Mother’s Children’ (Navigator 2008) and ‘Folly’ (Teaspoon 2011), and one single called ‘Honey in the Rock’ (Rough Trade 2011).

Where to find them

Fishermen’s Chapel: Sunday June 26

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