Leigh Folk Festival | DAGENHAM GIRL PIPERS
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The Dagenham Girl Pipers



The Dagenham Girl Pipers are a female bagpipe marching band based in Dagenham, and an internationally known institution.
The band was formed in by a Congregational minister, Rev Joseph Waddington Graves in 1930. The girls were initially taught in secret by Scottish Pipe Major Douglas Scott-Taylor who, it is said, thought teaching women would damage his reputation. The pipers were also known for having the first female, and first non-Scot pipe major who came from their own ranks, when Sgt Edith Turnbull—the first member of the band—was made a Pipe Major in the band. During World War II, the pipers were members of ENSA (Entertainments National Service Association) and entertained the troops.

Where to find them

Sunday June 26: Procession


Music, Sunday