Leigh Folk Festival | ALEX MONK
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Alex Monk is a musician and producer based in London, once described as a ‘fringe psychedelicist operating in the realms of concrete ambience.’. Monk uses a range of sonic sources including mandolin, guitars, found sounds, his own voice (and others), keyboards and analogue and digital effects. His shows are often improvised though Monk often uses song and chant as the center-point; a means to invoke new melodies, mood and space during live performances. His work has been compared to that of Moondog, Brian Eno, Roy Montgomery and Laurie Anderson. His third album ‘The Safety Machine’ was released last year to wide acclaim. Monk is currently working on the follow up and will be playing shows in the UK and Europe to coincide with the release. The Safety Machine is available from www.alexmonk.org or via bandcamp

Where to find them

Downstairs Hall, Fisherman’s Chapel, New Road Methodist Church, Sunday June 26th


Music, Sunday